3D race - Interface and controls
1) Rider information:
  • • Group and position: the cyclist’s group and position using a 3-status diagram (front, middle and rear of group)
  • • Green bar: the rider’s endurance which reduces over distance.
  • • Yellow bar: energy for high levels of effort.
  • • Red bar: energy for attacks and very high levels of effort.
  • • Bottle and gel: supply of water and energy gel.
  • • Heart : heart rate.
  • • Day’s fitness: bottom right, indicates the day’s fitness level from -5 to +5.
  • • Effort indicator: top right, the effort being exerted by the rider from 0 to 99.
2) Action panel:
  • • Effort cursor: adjusts the effort level of one or more of your riders from 0 to 99.
  • • Action icon: from left to right, enables riders to attack, maintain their position, use free effort, perform relays, obtain supplies and use an energy gel. Other action icons may appear, i.e. sprint, depending on the situation.
3) Targeted action panel: allows the rider to counter-attack, pursue, protect, position themselves in the race or create a gap.
4) Stage information: displays information on the stage profile, distances travelled and remaining distance.
5) Control of the race environment: enables changes to be made to the graphics, camera, game speed, music and size of the interface.
6) Gap: displays the gaps between the different groups.
7) General information: displays the speed of the rider selected, the gradient and wind strength.
Game speed and camera
The racing environment control area (5) enables you to change the race speed and the camera. Some sections are less tactical than others, so you can increase the race speed. However, make sure you don’t get caught by surprise and find you are unable to react.

When you increase the race speed, the game calculates all the race parameters more quickly. You may find that when you return to normal speed, the riders stop for a fraction of a second as the simulation readjusts to normal speed.

It is important to have a good view of the race to fine-tune your tactics to make the right decisions. Use the different types of cameras and selection shortcuts to have full visual control of the race.
Keyboard shortcuts
Select a specific team member: 1 - 9 on the number pad (1 = first choice, 2 = 2nd, etc.)

Select all the riders present in the target group: 0

Save a group of team mates: Ctrl +1/2/3, etc.

Select a saved group of team mates: 1/2/3, etc.

Target the next/previous rider: Left/Right arrow

Target the next/previous group: Page Up/Down

Target and select the next/previous team mate: Up/Down arrow

Sort the tabs and riders in accordance with their position in the race: Backspace Interface

Display/Hide rider tabs: F2

Display/Hide profile: F3

Display/Hide gaps: F4

Display all/Hide entire interface: Ctrl + U

Display/Hide windsock: O

More information: Space

Default camera: F5

Toggle between cameras: F6

Display online help: F1

Victory celebrations: W, X, C, V, B, N

Increase/Reduce game speed: +/- or Alt + Page Up/Down

Pause game/Resume at normal speed: P

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