Team Comm
  • Team Comm is a menu which allows you to view the status of your riders, interact with them and give them instructions.

  • \"button\": Navigating. Left and right allow you to navigate from one group to the next, while up and down allow you to navigate from one rider to the next.
  • \"button\": Selection. This allows you to select an instruction.
  • \"button\": Multi-selection. This allows you to select multiple players at the same time. Two fast presses allow you to select all the riders in the group.
  • \"button\": Changing rider. This allows you to take control of the selected rider.
  • \"button\": Race info. Pressing repeatedly allows you to view the rankings of the various riders.
From the Team Comm menu, you can fast-forward a race to reach an important part more quickly. Once Fast-Forward has been activated, your rider will automatically be controlled by the game.
  • \"button\": Destination menu. Choose where to go with Auto Fast-Forward.
  • \"button\": Manual Fast Forward. The race will be sped up depending on the pressure you apply to the button.
Group instructions
When you select a group in the Team Comm menu, you can give a group instruction to the riders in that group. The riders will organise themselves to follow the instruction that you have selected and will adapt their effort based on the stage of the race.

Sometimes a group instruction will be marked with a special icon. This is an instruction that your Sports Director suggests at that point in the race. For example, if a rider escapes who is dangerous to your leader in terms of the overall classification, he will suggest that you roll your team members out to catch up with him. If you accept this suggestion, your Sports Director will automatically give instructions for relays to the team members capable of making the chase. It is up to you whether or not you accept his suggestion.
Individual instructions
Giving an instruction to a teammate can change their behaviour. However, be wary that, if they are badly placed or do not have any energy, it will take longer to perform the action, or they may simply not be able to do it at all.
  • . Attack: the rider rises to the top of their group and starts an attack for a breakaway.
  • . Follow attacks: the rider rises to the top of their group and attacks if an opponent attacks. If no one attacks, they stay in their group.
  • . Tempo: the rider is placed at the top of the group and takes relays at the level of intensity you have asked for.
  • . Protect: the rider will be placed near the selected team mate to shelter them from the wind and allow this teammate to tire less.
  • . Wait: the rider will drop out of their group to wait for the selected team mate.
  • . Stay in his group: the rider will stay in his group without exceeding the level of effort required. Careful: if the level of effort is too weak to follow the pace of the group, the rider will be left behind. This feature enables a rider to finish a stage of the race at a slower pace in order to preserve his strength for the following stage, but note that he may also be outside the time limit. Don't give this instruction too early in the stage!
  • . Feeds: the rider will use the selected feed type.