Play modes
Choose one of the 22 teams available to participate in the Tour de France, the Criterium du Dauphiné and L'International. At each stage, you will gain experience points (5XP in Amateur difficulty, 10XP in Professional and 15XP in Champion). If you win a stage, the XP is doubled. If you succeed in the mission of your team, the XP shall be doubled at the end of the test. The XP allows you to unlock new tests in Tour mode and new stages in the My Tour mode.
Pro Team
In each season, create your team to improve your results, participate in new races and attract new riders and sponsors. Each sponsor shall impose a specific group competition, but will also give you significant rewards in some of the particular stages.
Unlock all of the descents in Challenge mode in "Bronze" times and try to beat the online records, or face a friend in shared screen.
My Tour
Create your own race by selecting the stages you wish to contend for. You will win the same experience points as you would in Tour mode to unlock new tests and new stages. You can also choose the levels of the opponents you will face.
Discover how to control your cyclist thanks to mini-tests.
Modify the name of riders and teams, as well as the national and world champions on the road and in the time trial.

Modify the team compositions and rider ratings.