Pro Cyclist - Cyclist's evolution - Pro Cycling Manager 2017 - Official Guide
Pro Cyclist - Cyclist's evolution
XP and level up
Your XP gauge is displayed in the band at the bottom of the main screen.

As a young 19 year-old rider, you begin at level 7, but this level can change depending on the age given to your rider when you created him.

Each time the gauge is completely filled, you level up and you improve your attributes depending on the axis of training that you have selected for your rider on the Training>Progression page.

Experience Points are mainly gained by fulfilling the objectives set by your manager during races, as well as through other occasional achievements. Other gains are automatically registered each week through training.

In the twilight of your career your performance level will start to drop off and it will then be time to consider your reconversion... or a rebirth as a young rider brimming with talent!
By drawing attention to yourself by your performances and by achieving the objectives set by your manager, you will earn the chance to become a leader within your team. This will allow you to have team-mates with you during races, supporting you all the way to victory. You can thus control them, to some extent during races in order to, for example, set up a sprint train in front of your rider or to protect you inside the peloton.

Being a leader also allows you to choose you preferred team-mates for a race, under certain conditions:
    - be among the best riders in the team.
    - have reached level 11.
    - have a manager satisfaction of, at least, 75%.
Requests for team-mates works on the same points system as requests for race registrations. It is thus essential that you do not spend all of your season points in one go!
During the month of June, teams prepare for the next season and this offers an opportunity to progress the career of your rider with another team. You will receive offers via your agent or you will be spontaneously contacted by teams. These offers are listed in the "Rider> Rider data> Contract" page where you can set out your desires on salary and length of contract. You can also contact another team to try and join them.