Pro Cyclist - Create your cyclist - Pro Cycling Manager 2017 - Official Guide
Pro Cyclist - Create your cyclist
Creation of your cyclist
You can define the various parameters or randomly generate a rider with the 'Random Choice' button.

The only parameters that influence the starting attributes of your rider are age and strong point.

The older the rider is, the higher his starting attributes, but his career will be shorter than that of a young rider.

Potential influences progress. The higher the potential, the easier the rider will be able to develop his attributes during his career. To begin in this mode it is advised to play with a "Grand Champion" potential. The other potentials offer a greater challenge. They are destined for more experienced players.

The choice of region has an effect on team selection in the second step of the creation process.
Team selection
Three teams are offered, usually "minor", "intermediate" and "major". In a minor team, the objectives will be easier to reach than for a major team, but the race calendar will be less extensive and the prospects for evolution will be different. The ranking of your rider in the team will influence his career. Within the teams that are offered to you, at least one will be of the same nationality as the region you selected when creating the profile. A rider will be more at home in a team of the same nationality.