Multiplayer - Clans - Pro Cycling Manager 2017 - Official Guide
Multiplayer - Clans
You can create, or join, a clan, allowing you to belong to a player community, to take part in tournaments between members of the same clan and to contribute towards the "Km counter" which brings the most active clans to the fore.
Join a clan
In the CLANS section, you can see the ranking of clans, and it is possible to carry out a search or to filter by the main language of the clan. To join a clan, you simply have to select it and to click on "Join" for a request to be sent to the clan administrator, who will accept or refuse your request (response time depends on his/her reactivity).

NB: You can only be a member of one clan at a time.
Creation and management of a clan
If you are not a member of a clan and you would like to create your own, there's nothing simpler! Go to "My Clan" and click on "Create a clan". Then enter the name and select the language spoken by the clan.

You become the clan administrator and you can manage members from "List of players": • Request sent: you can accept or refuse a player's request to join your clan. • List of players: allows you to view the list of members of the clan, and three possibilities are open to you:
    • Add or remove moderators. Moderators can add/remove moderators as well as remove a member of the clan.
    • Transfer the clan to somebody else if you no longer wish to be the administrator.
    • Remove a member of the clan.
Different rights
Administrator Moderator Member
Create a game X X X
Accept/refuse a member X X
Add/remove moderators X X
Remove a member of the clan X X
Define clan settings (Name, language and jersey) X
Transfer the clan X