Career - Choose/create your team - Pro Cycling Manager 2017 - Official Guide
Career - Choose/create your team
The divisions
There are 3 divisions of profession riders, at different levels:
  • Cya World Tour: this is the flagship division that contains the best teams in the world. They compete against each other during the season in the 37 biggest races of the year. They can also take part in Continental competitions in the .HC and .1 categories, thereby extending their programme of races.

  • Continental Pro: this is the second level in the hierarchy. The division comprises teams that include "Continental" races and, when invited, "Cya World Tour" races in their calendar. Unlike the top level, there is no shared calendar here, but a number of races around the world. The geographical demands of your sponsor will therefore dictate your calendar.

  • Continental: this is the lowest level of professional cycling. Teams compete exclusively within the "Continental" calendar, but don’t take this to mean "easy"! You will often come up against "Continental Pro" teams, and in some cases you may even compete against "Cya World Tour" teams. This division is often a perfect springboard for ambitious young riders.

At the end of the season the 2 bottom teams of the "Cya World Tour" rankings are relegated to the lower division, the Continental Pro. The 2 top teams in the Continental Pro "Superprestige" rankings will be promoted to the Cya World Tour. Continental teams cannot be relegated. To be promoted to the "Continental Pro" division, the team must finish amongst the 20 best Continental Pro and Continental division teams (excluding the 2 teams promoted to the "Cya World Tour") in the "Superprestige" rankings.
Select your team
You can either manage an existing team from one of the teams in the different divisions, or form a customised team with the riders you select.

The number of riders in the teams varies depending on the division: a Cya World Tour team comprises 26-30 riders, a Continental Pro 16-25, and a Continental division has between 10 and 18.
Note: the team levels are indicated by the number of stars; the more stars, the stronger the team. When you select a strong team, you will not only obtain high-performance players, but also tougher objectives and demands set by the sponsors compared to other teams.

Create your own team
Experienced players can also customise a team with the riders of their choice. Depending on the riders selected, the team will start in the Cya World Tour, Continental Pro or Continental division. When you form a team yourself, consider carefully the roles of each of your riders and how their skills will complement each other. A team needs a leader who is a good flat rider, who is good in time trials and who is a good climber. There are also other important roles, in particular for the stage races: the sprinter to win the stages and the sprint races, the climber to assist your leader or create breakaways in mountain races, flat riders to lead the peloton and your sprinter to catch the breakaway riders up or strike out alone, etc. A well-balanced team is a crucial factor in your bid to win.
National team
You will not only have to look after your own team, but you'll also have to take charge of a national team for the world championships which take place in September. This could either be the national team of the country of the team you manage or the national team of your leading rider. The "Information" tab of this page shows you the nation under your charge as well as the dates for initial squad selection down to final selection of the team. Two tabs "Road Race" and "Time Trial" initially display all your national riders, but the list is whittled down as you make your selections.