Steam Workshop - Pro Cycling Manager 2017 - Official Guide
Steam Workshop
Pro Cycling Manager use the Steam Workshop for all the customizable elements in the game: database (riders, teams, ratings), jerseys, stages and rider images. This guide explains how to create content that you can share with other players. You will be able to use Steam Workshop items, in an easy and convenient way, in Career, Pro Cyclist as well as multiplayer modes.
Modify game content
The installation of the Workshop greatly simplifies its use by players because it is possible to install a data pack in a few clicks, without having to worry about the pack files. The number 1 rule is to never modify the original game data. To mod the game, you must add data that will augment or replace existing data in your "My Documents" profile. When you are happy with your changes, you are free to publish your package in order to share it with the community or to keep them for yourself.

The contents of a Workshop folder should look like this:
In your "My Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2017\Mod" folder, you have a "Default" folder which you can use as a model to create a pack. It contains a cdb file and 5 folders for different moddable game elements that will be detailed below. If you want to learn how to make a mod, copy the Default folder and give it any name you want.
The database can be changed using the database editor, PCM_Database_Editor.exe, that is included with the game and sits in the "Pro Cycling Manager 2017\DatabaseEditor" folder (which is usually in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ folder). Other editors can be found in the PCM community.>br/>
It is possible to change the names of the riders, their ratings, teams, races.

Once your changes are made, you have a ".cdb" file. You must paste this file at the root of your mod, calling it "OfficialRelease.cdb". The name of the database cannot be changed.

When you apply this change, the game will use your custom database rather than the game's default database, if you select your mod rather than the default database.
Jerseys (Jersey)
The "Jersey" folder allows you to change the appearance of jerseys in 3D races. Talk with the PCM communities to find out how to produce a jersey in the right way. The folder contains three subfolders, respectively "Country" (jerseys of default national champions), "Race" (jerseys of default race leaders) and "Team" (team jerseys). The naming of the jerseys is very important and you are advised not to make random changes. You must adopt the same structure as for the game's "D\Cyclists\Cloth" folder. For example, I want to change the Roompot jersey, whose code name is "rop". I must therefore put in my \Mod\Eyolfur\Jersey\Team op\ modding folder my changed "rop_maillot.png" jersey (I inverse the colours of the jersey).
Above, the usual orange jersey of the Roompot team is now blue, following the changes made.

Jersey editing deserves a separate guide; so don't hesitate to ask for more information!
Mini Jersey (MiniJersey)
This is the 2D version of the jersey that is regularly displayed in the interface. You must base the modding folder on the game's \Gui eam_jersey folder. As before, I'll invert the colours of the Roompot jersey, and create the \Mod\Eyolfur\MiniJersey file.

There is a way to generate the 2D jersey from the 3D jersey using a specific executable (to be added to the guide…). The mini jersey is also in blue, following the change made.
Stages (Stages)
As with jerseys, I suggest that you check with the PCM communities on how to change a stage in Pro Cycling Manager. Again, this could be another dedicated guide. Shortly after the game's release, you can access the stage editor as a Steam tool.

As for modding, the replaced folder is \CM_Stages.

For example, I'll edit the first three stages of the Tour de France by replacing them with stages from the Tirreno Adriatico. It will be a variant, not a replacement.

To replace a '2017' stage requires that the files are named: top_tdf_01_2017, top_tdf_02_2017, top_tdf_03_2017 (in cds and zces versions). To add a variant, we'll add the following files into the Mod\Eyolfur\Stages folder: top_tdf_01_eyo, top_tdf_02_eyo, top_tdf_03_eyo. This will create the 'eyo' variant of the Tour de France that will be playable in One-off Race mode as well as in Career and Pro Cyclist modes in years other than 2017.
The Online folder is very similar to the Stages folder. It allows changes to be made to stages dedicated to multiplayer mode.

This folder has been added so you can modify stages in order to create special multiplayer tournaments without changing your base of stages for the Career and Pro Cyclist modes. For example, you can create a fantasy Tour de France in the Online folder, to be played with friends, while keeping a real Tour de France for your solo career.

The Online folder receives the same type of files as the Stages folder.
Photos (ProCyclistPhoto)
The Photo folder allows rider images to be added. Just add a 64 x 64 pixel TGA image that is compatible with the type of images used in the game (Gui\cyclist_photo). The file name must match the "gene_sz_photo" field of the database.
Automatic download :

It is not obligatory that the same data pack be shared with the creator of a multiplayer game. If a player does not have a stage or a jersey, the game will automatically download the missing files when connecting to the tournament. However, tournaments will be much smoother if all participants already have the same base data.
Publish and choose a mod pack
Publish a mod pack

Once your changes are made, you can publish your creation in the Steam Workshop, choosing a name, description and visibility (private, friends, public). You can make changes to your pack at any time. Do reply to feedback from users of the pack.

You can see the list of mod packs that you have published in the game options.
Choose a mod pack

When you create a solo or multiplayer race, you can choose the data pack with which to play. Once you have made a choice it will not be possible to go back!

You choose the mod pack with which you want to start the race.
Use the community tool
For the Workshop to operate in the best possible way, do not hesitate to rate, positively or negatively, the mod pack that you have used. You can also put questions to the creator of the pack through Steam and, most of the time, via a community forum. The Workshop allows you to share content in a much easier and fluid manner, without endangering your game installation.